Scuba diving on Zanzibar

Scuba Diving Zanzibar

Zanzibar has the reputation of being one of the best dive sites in the world. There are more than 30 dive spots and, thanks to the perfect conditions, hundreds of fish species can be spotted. Read all about diving on Zanzibar on this page.

Scuba diving

The structured coral reef surrounding the islands of Unguja and Pemba ensure that marine life is abundant. With good visibility of around 20 to 60 metres and an annual average water temperature of 27°C, you are guaranteed a fantastic diving experience on Zanzibar.

In addition, Zanzibar offers a perfect opportunity to learn to dive for the first time or to upgrade or expand your diving qualifications.


There are several diving centres on the island, including “Zanzibar Watersports”. Most run courses using the international PADI system of dive training. Which therefore gives you a recognised diving licence anywhere in the world.

Diving on Zanzibar is not just limited to beginners. Experienced scuba divers can enjoy exhilarating wall dives, night dives and dives with strong currents. In deeper waters, lush coral gardens stretch as far as the eye can see and large “sport fish” (barracuda, kingfish, tuna and wahoo) hunt along with the Napoleon wrasse, large manta rays and sharks. Less deep waters are a playground for tropical fish including a great diversity of Indo-Pacific marine fauna.

Dive safely

Make sure you take a diving school that:

  • Employs professional divers.
  • Has well-equipped boats. Important things to check for on board are medical oxygen, first aid facilities, radio communication, sufficient life jackets and backup engines.
  • Is a member of a well-known teaching organisation.
Dolphins Zanzibar

Book a dive course online

Want your PADI Open Water Diving certification? Then Zanzibar is the perfect place. But you want to do so in a reliable and safe place. So book your diving course online now and be sure you get your Padi in a responsible way.

✓ Obtain your PADI certificate in a safe way

✓ Learn to dive at one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world

✓ Intensive three-day course that prepares you for different underwater situations

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