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Safety: is Zanzibar safe?

when you are planning to travel to Zanzibar, you might be wondering: is Zanzibar safe? The short answer to this question is: yes, Zanzibar is safe. On this page you will read all the information you need about the safety of this island.

Safety Zanzibar

Tanzania is one of the more stable and peaceful countries in the East Africa region. It is therefore generally very safe. Tourism is the main form of income on the island, which is why the local authorities take tourist safety very seriously. As a tourist, you have no reasons to worry.

Precautions & tips

Of course, we can’t give you a guarantee though. So make sure you are always on guard. When travelling, you should always watch your belongings carefully, avoid wandering around in the dark and avoid getting into precarious situations. If you see that there are local gatherings or demonstrations, get out of the way. Try to avoid large crowds as much as possible. It is also better not to go on the road in a (rental) car after dark. Don’t walk around the beach by yourself at night either.

Sailing on the waters around Zanzibar

Should you wish to hire a sailboat, caution is advised. Zanzibar itself is safe, but piracy is common in the waters around Zanzibar. So be well informed. Furthermore, make sure that if you go by boat, you go with a reliable company. You will recognise these because they register passengers electronically.

Government advice

For the most up-to-date travel information in terms of security when it comes to threats of terrorism or epidemics, for example, you can check the travel advice from the UK government here.

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