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This is the privacy and cookie policy of Rots Media, publisher of Zanzibar- (Chamber of Commerce at Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Number: 51157551). The terms of this privacy and cookie policy are applicable to (the Website).

Purposes of data processing

The data that you passively provide to us is anonymously used by Rots Media as much as possible. We do this to improve the quality, safety and user-friendliness of the Website. The personal data you actively provide to Rots Media is stored in a database and used for the following purposes.

I. Your data will be used to execute the agreements concluded with you and to provide you with the agreed services, products and information.

II. Data provided by users and advertisers of this website when they sign-up or register are stored in a database by Rots Media. We may use your details to keep you informed of interesting information and to make you offers and to allow participation in any actions.

III. Rots Media also collects automatically generated information about your browsing habits during the use of the Website. This information includes your IP address and the type of browser (computer program to view internet pages) that you use as well as “cookies”. Your data will be analyzed in order to tailor the information and offers to your interest as much as possible.

Use of personal data by third parties

Without your explicit consent, Rots Media will not provide your personal data to third parties for direct marketing purposes (for example for sending advertising). Rots Media may provide your information to third parties when this is necessary providing a Service to you, but only when this data cannot be traced to you personally (such as automatically generated information to the exclusion of your IP address). Rots Media may provide information to third parties if it is obliged to do so on the basis of statutory provisions, it is obliged to do so as a result of a lawsuit and / or in case it deems this necessary to protect its own rights. Rots Media further informs you that third parties may obtain knowledge from your personal data which you yourself place on the public part of the Website. Also, your data placed on the Website may be indexed by external websites, such as search engines. Rots Media has no control over and is not liable for the manner in which these third parties handle your personal data.


This Website is using cookies, trackers, scripts and social media buttons (hereafter Technologies) that help us provide a better, faster and safer experience. These Technologies are also placed via third parties that are working with us together. The used Technologies are explained in the following section.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a simple small text file that is sent from some of our webpages and is stored by your web browser on the hard drive of your computer. Some cookies only help to make the link between your activities on our website during your website visit. Other cookies will remain on the hard drive of your computer and will be sent back to our servers, or those of third parties who have placed the cookie for us, at the time you visit our website again.

What is a script?

A script is a piece of program code that is used to make our website function properly and to make it interactive. This code can be executed on our server or on your equipment.

What is a tracker?

A tracker is a small, invisible piece of text or image on our website that is used to map the traffic on our website. In order to map the traffic we use multiple trackers that each store a different kind of data of you. We can also have third parties place trackers on our website to monitor the traffic on our website for us.

What are social media buttons?

In addition to cookies, our websites also use social media buttons. These buttons are included to promote web pages (‘like’) or share (‘tweet’) on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. These buttons work through pieces of code that come from Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest itself.

Why do we use these Technolgies?

We place cookies, trackers and scripts with different purposes: functional, analytical and marketing purposes. Below you will find an overview of the different purposes for using the Technologies. For a specific overview of all Technologies used by us, the associated purposes and specific functions of the Technologies, please refer to our technologies list. This list is regularly updated by us in order to provide you with an accurate overview of the Technologies we use.

1. Functional purposes

We use different Technologies to ensure that our website functions well and is easy to use. Scripts and cookies are used for this purpose. Scripts ensure that the website is interactive and that once you click on something, something actually happens. Some of the technologies used for functional purposes are so essential to the functioning of our website that they can not be switched off. These Technologies will not be kept for more than a few hours after your website visit.

2. Analytical purposes

We analyze your behavior on our website, using cookies and trackers, to improve our website and to adapt it to your wishes. We hope that by analyzing this data our website is as user friendly as possible. For example, we keep track of which pages are visited the most and how you navigate on our website.

3. Marketing purposes

Obviously we hope that you use our website as often as possible and therefore we use cookies and trackers to advertise our website to you. By means of cookies we can offer interesting offers for you. For this purpose we analyze, among other things, how often you use our website and which content you find interesting. This allows us to better adapt our offer and advertisements to your wishes. Another marketing goal for which we use trackers is to check whether you come from a website of one of our advertisers.

Security of your data by us and by third parties

As previously mentioned, we use third-party Technologies. These third parties assist us in achieving the described purposes. We do not allow third parties to use your data for their own purposes or purposes that do not correspond with the purposes as described in this statement. We concludes processing agreements with third parties who place Technologies on our website in our assignment. We conclude these processing agreements to ensure the same level of security and confidentiality of your data.

Activation, deactivation or removal of cookies

You can always adjust your preferences regarding the Technologies (often only called cookies on the internet). It is also possible to delete already placed cookies (this is the only Technology that stores data on your device). By disabling the Technologies it is possible that parts of our website will no longer work. Essential Technologies for the operation of the website (including some scripts and cookies) can not be deactivated. You can find more information about the activation, deactivation and removal of cookies in the instructions of your browser and/or by using your browser’s Help function. If you need further explanation or details about cookies please see

Right to inspect, correct and delete your data

You have the right to request access to and correction or deletion of your data. See our contact page. To prevent misuse, we can ask you to adequately identify yourself in case of such a request. When you request access to personal data linked to a cookie, you need to send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find these details in the settings of your browser.


If you have any questions and/or comments about our privacy and cookie policy you can contact us using via our contact form in the bottom of this page. We will reply as soon as possible.

Changes to our privacy and cookie policy

We reserve the right to change this policy. Changes will be notified on this page. This privacy and cookie policy was most recently amended on 24 August 2023.

This website and the privacy/cookie policy are governed by the laws of the Netherlands. All disputes in connection with this website or privacy/cookie policy will be submitted for exclusive settlement to the competent court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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