Zanzibar Tanzania: 8x reasons to go

You’ve probably heard of it: Zanzibar Tanzania. The beautiful exotic island with white beaches and a stunning blue sea. Which is also wonderfully warm. We tell you why you should add this island to your to-do list of favourite holiday destinations.

Idyllic beaches & turquoise sea

white sand beach zanzibar

The island of Zanzibar is part of Tanzania. It can be a great part of your trip to Tanzania, but just a week or more to Zanzibar is also well worth it. The number one reason why you want to go here: the exotic beaches and warm turquoise waters. Scattered around the island you will find the most beautiful beaches. You can relax and unwind here, but the warm water and breeze make the island a good destination for anyone who loves kitesurfing.

Mecca for divers

whale shark zanzibar

The underwater world around the island of Zanzibar is world-class. Thanks to the impressive coral reefs and the many species of exotic fish, your diving here is fantastic. Add to this the warm water – it is above 20 degrees all year round – and perfect underwater visibility, and you have an ultimate diving spot. Moreover, you can explore both shallow and deep water here, making the place suitable for novice and experienced divers alike. If you dive during the migration season, you even have the chance to meet humpback whales and whale sharks.

Culture & architecture in Stone Town

Stone Town Zanzibar

Stone Town is the historic part of Zanzibar’s capital: Zanzibar Town. And this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Indeed, it has a rich history and extraordinary architecture. Over the centuries, the island has been under the influence of many occupiers: Persians, Indians, Ottomans, Arabs and Europeans. And you can see all these influences in the buildings, which makes Stone Town unique and has a special atmosphere. You can wander through the narrow streets and find the nicest souvenirs.

It is warm all year round

Whenever you want to go to Zanzibar: it is always warm. So whatever month you choose, you will always be able to lie on the beach. On a side note, you do have to take into account the rainy seasons on the island. There is a longer rainy season when the rain lasts longer and is heavier, and there is also a rainy season when there are only showers and the sun shines the rest of the day. Even during the rainy seasons, it is good to be on the island, but of course you can be a bit unlucky if there is more rain than average. See more about the weather on Zanzibar >>

Rich flora and fauna

jozani forest flora and fauna zanzibar

Not only does Zanzibar Tanzania have beautiful white beaches. It also has rich flora and fauna. Both underwater and on the island itself. For instance, you can visit the Jozani forest. A nature park with some 19.3 square mile of surface area. You will find unique flowers, crops and trees. Here you will also find the rare red colobus. This species of monkey is found only on Zanzibar. You will also find other species of monkeys, antelopes, lizards and many more.

View Giant tortoises

Giant tortoises on Prison Island zanzibar

How often do you come face to face with a giant tortoise? On Zanzibar, this is within reach. All you have to do is take a boat to Prison Island, where dozens of these extraordinary reptiles live.

Romantic destination

honeymoon romantic holiday

If you are looking for a place for your honeymoon then look no further. Zanzibar is the perfect place to spend a romantic holiday for two. Sun, sea, beach, delicious food, relaxed culture are just a handful of keywords about this enchanting island. Every day with a cocktail on the beach enjoying a beautiful view, what more could you want?

Delicious fresh fish

fresh fish seafood

Zanzibar is known for its delicious seafood. From prawns, to lobsters to other fish. What you get on your plate in the evening is fished directly from the ocean next to the island during the day. So it couldn’t be fresher.

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